Dealing with Dry Eyes

Have you ever experienced stinging, burning or scratchiness in your eyes? Are your eyes sensitive to light, irritated, red, or watery and do you find yourself rubbing them more than normal?  This may be a sign of Dry Eye. Dry eye can occur when your basal tear production decreases, your tear evaporation increases, or the tear composition is imbalanced. When the quantity and/or quality of tears does not keep the surface of the eye adequately lubricated, it is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Yes, watery eyes are a sign of dryness too, your body produces excessive tears in response to the dryness. The condition is uncomfortable, but it can also cause blurry vision and eye fatigue, especially at night.  This can impact your safety behind the wheel.

Tears are from glands around your eye and are made of fatty oils, water, mucus, and more than 1500 different proteins.  This combination allows moisture, lubrication and special proteins that help fight against infections. Your eyes need tears to work effectively and maintain eye health.

Dry eyes can be a side effects from medications, a part of the natural aging process, changes in hormones, a symptom of several diseases, or syndromes such as bulging eyes that do not allow your eyelids to close normally.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above for a prolonged period of time,

it might be a good time to make an appointment with Beyer Eye to rule out disease and to get to the heart of the problem.


In order to determine the source of your problem, a comprehensive eye exam is necessary. We will go over your medical history as well as your ocular health to diagnose the cause of your dry eyes. Our doctor may measure your tear production and determine the surface condition of your eyes and the quality of your tears.

Once your Dry Eyes are confirmed and the cause rooted out, we can then safely determine the next course of action.

The most common treatment used to be drops and ointments to reduce inflammation and provide an artificial tear.  These need to be reapplied often, especially if your condition is chronic. There are many prescriptions as well as over-the-counter options that have varying degrees of success. Some patients report a rebound effect, when the treatment wears off, they feel the symptoms are exaggerated.


Beyer Eye is pleased to offer you a state-of-the-art alternative.

TrueTear® is a device that uses the latest technology called neurostimulation to help your eyes temporarily make more of your own tears with tiny pulses of energy. 

We are among a select group of practices offering TrueTear® which is a drug-free, drop-free option for a more comfortable life and better vision.

The device was just approved by the FDA in April 2017. It uses proven technology found in pacemakers, cochlear implants, and TENS Devices for back pain to stimulate the nerves that source the Lacrimal Function Unit (LFU). This is the part of your eye which supplies your tears.

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