A New Way to Tear Dry Eye

Dry Eye is a common disease that affects millions of Americans every year. It happens when your eyes don’t make enough healthy tears to stay lubricated. This can make you feel uncomfortable and can lead to vision problems.

Symptoms to look out for include a dry, gritty or burning sensation in the eyes, redness, watery or teary eyes and mucus that make the eyes feel “glued shut” after sleeping. Many people also report the feeling of something in the eye or eyestrain/eye fatigue. Itching and light sensitivity may also occur and it is common that symptoms are worse later in the day.

Aging is the highest factor for dry eyes. As people age, the production of tears decreases. Although it occurs in women and men, post-menopausal women are affected the most.

Other causes of dry eye can include:

  • Certain illnesses and medications
  • Hormonal changes in women after menopause and during pregnancy
  • Poor blinking habits while looking at screens for long periods of time
  • Dry indoor environments
  • Wearing contact lenses

At Beyer Eye Associates can diagnose Dry Eye and evaluate other potential health issues such as autoimmune diseases Ie Sjogrens Disease.

Dry eye is a chronic and progressive disease if left untreated. Treatment of Dry Eye is directed at wetting the eye, reducing inflammation, improving the work and home environments, and evaluating overall health, medications, and diet. In the past, this was limited to artificial tears or ointments, but not anymore!

Tyrvaya is the first and only FDA-approved prescription nasal spray for Dry Eye. Tyrvaya harnesses the body’s natural tear film to treat Dry Eye. There is no substitute for your own natural tears. With just one spray per nostril, twice per day, Tyrvaya activates tear film production from within, helping your body to create more natural tears. The most common side effects of Tyrvaya include sneezing, cough, and throat and nose irritation.

Using the spray is easy. Simply remove the protective cap and clip, tilt your head back slightly, and keeping the bottle upright, carefully insert the nasal applicator into the nostril. Do not spray directly onto the middle wall of your nose or nasal septum. Breathe in gently while pressing down firmly on the pump to deliver one spray. Repeat in the other nostril. To receive the most benefits from the treatment, it is recommended to use the spray regularly and at the same time each day.

If you are suffering from Dry Eye contact us today. After an evaluation and diagnosis, our doctors can prescribe Tyrvaya and create a personalized treatment plan. Visit beyereye.com to learn more or reach us by calling the Beyer Eye Associates location nearest you: www.beyereye.com

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