Seeing Your Eye Doctor for Cosmetic Procedures – Why It Matters

You may be surprised to learn that many eye doctors offer aesthetic treatments like eye lifts, Botox and microneedling in addition to providing comprehensive eye care. If you are interested in aesthetic services there are reasons to consider having these cosmetic procedures done by an ophthalmologist. Below are reasons why you should book your next cosmetic treatment with Dr. Mark at Beyer Eye Associates.

Dr. Mark Beyer has specialized knowledge of the intricate muscles, nerves, and structures around the eyes. This specialized expertise allows him to expertly inject neuromodulators like Botox into delicate areas around the eyes and eyelids.

Dr. Mark Beyer is versed in eye related issues like dry eye, eyestrain, drooping eyelids, and wrinkles. He is familiar with concerns that may come up due to aging around the
eyes and the cosmetic treatments that could help achieve the desired cosmetic results.

Our valued patients trust our doctors for their comprehensive eye care and extending that trust for cosmetic enhancements provide the desired aesthetic results in a single convenient location.

We hope you consider Beyer Eye associates for your next Botox or microneedling treatment for your future cosmetic needs.

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