You have been diagnosed with cataracts, now what?

Approximately 21 million American adults have cataracts – a progressive clouding of the lens that can lead to loss of vision. Our cataract surgeon has helped patients with cataracts to regain their vision. First, consider your lifestyle and the new treatment options that are now available. After your cataract surgery would you rather need glasses for close, far, or computer vision? Or would you prefer to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses after cataract surgery? A bright new world is opening up for those gradually losing eyesight to cataracts. Today, advanced technology can provide a more independent and youthful option, so that, for most people, the need to wear reading glasses no longer has to be an inevitable part of aging or cataract treatment. New technology lenses add the potential to rejuvenate vision and add a more youthful, independent quality of life people have desired for many years.

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